How do you interact to people with an untreated hearing loss?

Hearing Information

Hearing is not only an issue for the elderly. Hearing is a health and quality of life issue. Don't wait for hearing impairment to become a problem.

Hearing and understanding are basic human needs. Hearing problems and the resulting social consequences represent a challenge for society. We believe in a world in which people with restricted hearing can communicate again without limitation thanks to advanced technology.

When Hearing loss goes untreated, the hard-of-hearing individual may exhibit one or more of these symptoms:

Increased frustration with self, family and friends, Low self-esteem/self confidence, Social isolation, Anger, Annoyance and Depression

Our Services for your Hearing

Hearing aid evaluation, fitting and dispensing.
Hearing aid programming and adjustments.
Hearing aid repairs to all makes & models.
Assistive listening devices.
Evening, weekend & home appointments available.
Ear wax removal.
Custom noise protection (musician mold, swim molds and noise protectors).
Aural rehabilitation & counseling services for individuals and families.
Hearing Assessment and Consultations (hearing tests).
Battery sales (Our value added all in programme includes three years free batteries).